It feels good not hiding being gay | @kellkell85

Anna Kellner (@kellkell85)  is a Maths teacher at a high school in Scotland My name is Anna, I have been working as a high school maths teacher for around four and a half years. I live a pretty standard life: I am married with a one year old son and I play hockey. People don’t usually expect me to be …

out_teacherIt feels good not hiding being gay | @kellkell85

LGBT role models in the teaching profession | @Innervoices2011

A piece by Ed Watkins, Teacher at the West London Free School Nothing makes the rightness of Harvey Milk’s call to normalise ourselves through coming out more accurate than the huge change in attitudes towards our community in the USA and its close correlation with the increase in the number of people who know someone who is gay. Now that …

out_teacherLGBT role models in the teaching profession | @Innervoices2011

Rick Connors – it gets better Australia

Mr Connors, a teacher at Wanganui Park Secondary College in Shepparton, Australia shares his story and explains how his school will show support for all same-sex attracted, transgender and sexually diverse students. This video was shown in his school’s assembly as part of “It gets better Australia” week.

out_teacherRick Connors – it gets better Australia

OutTeacher needs you! is a website to help LGBT teachers be the role models they needed when they were at chool Nobody should feel they need to hide who they are at school, but we recognise that this is harder in some schools than others. Simply by being adults who are comfortable being openly gay, bisexual, lesbian or trans* then we …

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