Rick Connors – it gets better Australia

Mr Connors, a teacher at Wanganui Park Secondary College in Shepparton, Australia shares his story and explains how his school will show support for all same-sex attracted, transgender and sexually diverse students. This video was shown in his school’s assembly as part of “It gets better Australia” week.

out_teacherRick Connors – it gets better Australia

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What is it? OutTeacher.org is a website to help LGBT teachers be the role models they needed when they were younger. Nobody should feel they need to hide who they are at school, but we recognise that this is harder in some schools than others. Simply by being adults who are comfortable being openly gay, bisexual, lesbian or trans* then …

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Teachers TV: Gay Teachers

A programme from 2007. Is there an endemic culture of homophobia in schools? This programme follows the lives of five inspirational gay teachers to find out how they cope with school. There are estimated to be more than 25,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teachers in the UK. Research shows that 99 per cent of teachers are too scared to come …

out_teacherTeachers TV: Gay Teachers

David Weston, ITV News

David Weston talks to ITV London News about receiving a letter from former student Richard Miah thanking him for coming out. Read more: http://www.itv.com/news/london/2014-08-13/teacher-who-came-out-as-gay-in-school-assembly-challenged-the-ignorance-of-so-many-people/

out_teacherDavid Weston, ITV News