Don’t be LGBTQ+ before Christmas.

For the past ten years, Georgina Tomsett-Rowe has been teaching languages in a variety of schools in Spain and the UK. Currently based in Hertfordshire, Georgie has been inspired by the acceptance and openness she has seen emerging in the classroom over the past decade, and is delighted to be playing even the smallest of roles in shaking up the …

Daniel GrayDon’t be LGBTQ+ before Christmas.

One more thing we’ve got in common

Having recently completed the Ambition School Leadership: Future Leaders programme, Chris Richards was appointed Deputy Headteacher at Villiers High School in Ealing at Easter, 2017. Chris oversees the quality of teaching and learning and is also raising standards leader for the school line managing all core subjects. Chris trained as a Modern Languages teacher in 2007 at the Swansea Institute …

Daniel GrayOne more thing we’ve got in common

Coming out twice

As LGBT+ people, we are permanently coming out – It’s rarely a one-off. Whenever we meet someone new, there is that potentially awkward moment when you don’t know how they will react if you slip it into conversation. Here’s Jacqueline Collins’ positive story of coming out twice at school.  Teachers don’t have to share their personal life but I am …

Daniel GrayComing out twice

Are you a lesbian, Miss?

In today’s story, Sue Sanders from SchoolsOut – founders of LGBT History Month – shares a published piece from many years ago on why it’s so important to have ‘out’ LGBT role models in schools, words that still resonate so much today. 

Daniel GrayAre you a lesbian, Miss?

The Soft Subject

Chris Woodley tells of his experiences as a gay teenager at school and as an openly gay teacher at work in his new self-penned Edinburgh Fringe Festival play.    I came out at fourteen years old. Having been blessed with forward thinking parents, my greatest battle was at school. I was educated in Bromley during the eighties and nineties when …

Daniel GrayThe Soft Subject

Please visit our friends at Schools Out

Our friends at Schools Out (founders of LGBT History Month) do amazing work! This includes providing both a formal and informal support network for all people who want to raise the issue of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism in education; campaigning on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans issues as they affect education; researching, debating and stimulating curriculum development on LGBT issues; working towards …

Daniel GrayPlease visit our friends at Schools Out

The Careful Poet: My experience as a transgender pre-service teacher

Being a pre-service teacher is rewarding but never easy; being a transgender pre-service teacher adds another dimension to the challenge. While the students can stare in confusion and be understood, it’s the cooperating teacher who can show blatant disrespect and discrimination without any repercussions. This video shares the story of my first time teaching as an out transmasculine person, and how …

Daniel GrayThe Careful Poet: My experience as a transgender pre-service teacher

When it becomes just ordinary

I’m not the first out teacher at my school, and I’m unlikely to be the last, but on this sweltering classroom day in June something profound happened that was so small that it bowled me over with hope and happiness.   I’ve been teaching for 7 years now and I always wanted to help students realise that they aren’t ‘wired’ …

Daniel GrayWhen it becomes just ordinary

Why, after nine years, I finally came out to my students.

This article tells the story of Daniel Gray, a teacher from South London in the UK, who came out to all of his students. Follow Daniel on Twitter at @thatgayteacher I’ve done it. After nine years of teaching, I finally came out to my students. It shouldn’t be a big deal in this day and age but, unfortunately, it still is. …

out_teacherWhy, after nine years, I finally came out to my students.

“Miss, are you gay?”

This blog was originally posted on in two parts – one and two. Follow TheGustyGay on twitter, instagram and Facebook. This article was also posted on TES. The title of this blog is a question I dreaded being asked as a 22 year old teacher at the beginning of my career.  I was worried that being open about my sexuality would …

out_teacher“Miss, are you gay?”